[helm/charts] [stable/jenkins] blueocean plugin dependency issue (#23043)

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Describe the bug
Jenkins has plugin dependency issues when installing blueocean plugin. The problem is the end of the dependency chain:

2020-07-02 08:32:28.833+0000 [id=26]	SEVERE	jenkins.InitReactorRunner$1#onTaskFailed: Failed Loading plugin Docker Commons Plugin v1.17 (docker-commons)
java.io.IOException: Failed to load: Docker Commons Plugin (1.17)
 - Update required: Credentials Binding Plugin (1.22) to be updated to 1.23 or higher

Docker Commons Plugin v1.17 (docker-commons) was released 20h ago.

The fixed credentials-binding plugin version in https://github.com/helm/charts/blob/master/stable/jenkins/values.yaml should be updated from 1.22 to 1.23.

Version of Helm and Kubernetes:
Helm: v3.1.3, Kubernetes v1.18.3

Which chart:
stable/jenkins latest (2.1.0)

What happened:
Jenkins can't start

What you expected to happen:
Jenkins can start

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):
Install latest blueocean plugin via "additionalPlugins" configuration

Anything else we need to know:

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