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Thanks for ordering, Myron
Here's your receipt for Church's Chicken (2219 East Fletcher Ave.).
Total $27.17
3 Piece Mixed Chicken Combo
  Choice of Recipe
  Half and Half ($0.00)
  Other Options
  All Legs & Thighs ($0.00)
  Choice of Regular Side #1
  Corn on the Cob (1 Ear) ($0.00)
  Choice of Regular Side #2
  Mashed Potatoes ($0.00)
  Choice of Drink
  Coke® (30 Oz.) ($0.00)
10 Tender Strips® Meal
  Choice of Style
  Spicy ($0.00)
  Choice of Dipping Sauce
  Honey Mustard ($0.00)
  Choice of Regular Side #1
  Corn on the Cob (1 Ear) ($0.00)
  Choice of Regular Side #2
  Jalapeño Cheese Bombers® (4) ($0.00)
Subtotal $28.48
Tax $2.43
Promotion -$10.00
Service fee $4.27
Delivery fee $1.99
•••• 9642
A temporary hold of $27.17 was placed on your payment method •••• 9642. This is not a charge and will be removed. It should disappear from your bank statement shortly. Learn more
You ordered from Church's Chicken (2219 East Fletcher Ave.)
Picked up from
2219 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL
Delivered to
10420 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL
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Delivered by Leila
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