2 Big Summer Offers for you Mimo with Extra Ice on Mails

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2 Big Summer Offers for youHey Mimo,

18'Summer is here, and we are celebrating summer sale. So, this season we are high on cola with extra ice.

Here are 2 offers which you can't avoid and would love to get them all right away-
  1. Big Summer sales on EasySendy Pro Annual Subscription at Flat 50% OFF.
  2. Get extra Aritic Mail email top-up of 1000K emails at $149 only for a Year!
Mimo, reply to this email and get your coupon code now to avail the offer.

Terms and Condition:
  • These deals are available only till 22-May-2018, 12 AM GMT.
  • This offer on Aritic Mail is stackable. [You gotta save more :)]
  • This offer is non-refundable for accepted payments.
  • Existing customers under the annual plan is not applicable for this offer.
So Mimo, here's the secret tip to use this deal-
  1. Use this deal to run the re-subscription campaign for your European subscribers before 25-May-2018.
  2. Add extra ice to your summer campaigns!
EasySendy Pro Sales Team.

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