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Todd Robinson

Update from OpenMetal's President

I get the question a lot on 'why does a private cloud, at scale, have such a cost and performance advantage versus public cloud?'. Instead of a lengthy explanation, we took a shot at a visual + article to show the fundamental difference. I hope it's helpful to anyone wondering the same!

-Todd Robinson

    How to Manage OpenStack Private Clouds Episode 1 - Introduction and Administration

    How to Manage OpenStack Private Clouds Episode 1 - Introduction and Administration

    The first part of our collaboration with Jay of Learn Linux TV is out! In this six-part guide, Jay will guide you through the finer points of OpenStack with hands-on examples. In the first episode of the series, he goes over a series introduction and outline. In addition, an overview of Horizon (the OpenStack dashboard) is covered.

      What Are The Projects That Make Up OpenStack?

      What Are The Projects That Make Up OpenStack?


      Projects are the tools in OpenStack that handle the core cloud-computing components of Compute, Identity, Storage, Networking, and Image Services. Each project is responsible for automating some part of your cloud infrastructure, and you have various project options for each function.


      Before deciding which project you should include in your cloud, you must first understand the options you have for each function and their differences, to know which will be best suited for your use case. 


      In this blog post, Avi discusses some OpenStack projects, what purpose they can serve in your cloud, and what other projects you will need to use them.

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          On This Day in Tech History

          February 3rd: The term "Vaporware" is coined

          Time magazine reports on frustrations with the slow development of software for use in the computer industry. Reporter Philip Elmer-DeWitt complained about delays in Microsoft Corporation's new Windows operating system, which had been delayed much longer than promised. Silicon Valley pundits had taken to calling such software "Vaporware," the magazine noted. - via Computer History Museum