Re: [openssl/openssl] Configure: accept Windows style compiler options (#9961)

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Create: 2019-10-12
Update: 2019-10-12
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@levitte commented on this pull request.

In Configure:

> @@ -882,7 +890,7 @@ while (@argvcopy)
                         push @{$useradd{LDLIBS}}, $_, shift(@argvcopy);
-                elsif (/^-L(.*)$/ or /^-Wl,/)
+                elsif (m|^[-/]L(.*)$| or /^-Wl,/)

Yes, please.
We can probably extend it with knowledge of more linker flags of interest, but quite frankly, I think the variable passing method is better, it puts control over what goes where back in the hands of the users.

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