[ABA Hosting] Your hosting account FREE has been blocked

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Create: 2020-12-16
Update: 2020-12-16
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Greetings, nobody Your hosting account FREE has been blocked. Possible reasons for blocking: - malicious software on your website - spam - phishing - your website might have been hacked - your website might have been oveloading our server - violation of the laws - ABA Hosting Terms of Service violation Information about the reason for blocking can be found in the user panel: https://www.aba.ae/panel/en/summary/service/FREE Please contact us if you want your hosting account to be unblocked. -- Having any questions, troubles or suggestions? Please contact us: - open a new ticket in Support section in user panel - send us an email: support@aba.ae - post a message on our forum: https://www.aba.ae/forum Join us on Facebook and find out about our attractive and limited offers: https://www.facebook.com/aba.hosting

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