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Dear Shreyaksh Kashoudhan,
It has been 3 months since the lockdown began and the market having touched its nadir. While we have been closely guiding our subscribers on their specific products through this journey, we thought of reaching out to the audience at large and share our viewpoint in the wider interest.

The virus pandemic, amongst many other things, has definitely created two extreme schools of thought about the direction of the market. Each thought is supported by strong conviction and belief. One says that the markets are on the rise again and you should not miss the bus while the other advises staying away and waiting as the markets are likely to drop drastically like they did in March.

As we have been communicating, the visibility on market direction will become much clearer by early July. Things are not likely to be as grim as being painted out. With lockdowns easing out, the economic machinery is beginning to turn again. It will be a while before the engines can reach their full capacity. Nonetheless, these indications, from a broader point of view, are positive steps and building hope. In the new normal, people are learning to take the right precautions, venturing out only when needed and accepting to live with the virus. While the economy has been badly hit, it does not appear it will get worse.

One thing that is fairly clear is that governments will not allow a drastic fall like before. As and how needed, they will actively step up on the stimulus. With the right noise made by governments across the world to support the economies with a ‘no matter what it takes’ attitude and the global market flushed with liquidity under the influence of low interest rate regime, equities is one asset class you want to be in. The last few years have been difficult for equities. One can expect equities to deliver superior performance in the coming years. If nothing else, then by the law of averages good times for equity are not too far away. People who intelligently invest now, keep patience and wade through the current tough year will be the real winners in 3 years.

Being an investor friendly brand with the objective of ‘Democratizing Wealth Creation’, DSIJ has been at the forefront of tracking developments in the equity market and especially when the times get tougher. The very large following over our span of 34 years is a testimony to this. Over these years we have honed our skills to understand the equity markets better and built many a state of art investment products that are powered across the digital medium via Mobile Apps, Web Interface, Email, SMS in addition to our traditional print medium. These bouquet of products (for Equity Investors, Traders, Mutual Fund investors) addresses the various needs of an investor and I am sure you will find one that is just apt for you.

We would like you to experience and befriend the new transformed DSIJ and turn your investments in an upward trajectory. Simply give a missed call on 02066663882 or reply to this mail to know more about our products/services.

Assuring you of our best services.

Thank you
Rajesh V Padode
Managing Director
DSIJ Pvt Ltd.
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