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RT @Its_Khaya_: RT if you believe
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While waiting the 50 minutes for my labs to research nuclear reactors in factorio, I went into my bathroom to grab some supplies to pack for university and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My first thought was “look at you, you’ve come so far in the last month”
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aries boy ♈︎
controversial opinion but every aries needs a virgo
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there are two surprise weddings on my ig feed..... how
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I respect both cuz sometimes you aint in the mood twitter.com/solodeauxleaux…
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Boutta take a bath and just cry 😢 😪I’m too emotional right now .All I can say is motherfuckin Thank you .All the love means sooo much to me.From celebs to fan to any fuckin body it deadass means a lot.
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