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Dear all,

Self-reflection due next week:
1. Around 300 words (280-320 is acceptable 5 points)
2. Times New Roman or Calibri (5 points)
3. Font size: 12 (5 points)
4. 1.5 or 2 Spacing (5 points)
5. Grammar and punctuation (40 points)
6. No late work is accepted no matter what
7. Add "word count" on the bottom or the end of your writing.
8. Remember to type your "English name and ID" on top of your paper or simply write them.
9. If you are using 7-11's or FamilyMart's machine to print out your paper, remember to convert your file to a PDF to avoid any errors created by the machine.

Please note that this is not a descriptive writing assignment, so do not use too many sentences describing what you chose. Remember, it's a self-reflection, simply about how you felt about the movie/TV series/book you chose. Even though it's a self-reflection work, you still need to have a conclusion to wrap up your writing.