Corner Bowl Server Manager New Features Released

Create: 2023-09-07
Update: 2023-09-07
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Corner Bowl Server Manager

Hello! As usual, we've been very busy adding customer driven features. While making some one of our updates, we accidentally goofed, and some users are experiencing upgrade issues with specific versions of Corner Bowl Server Manager. The issue manifests itself by continually prompting users that a new version is available.

How to fix failed updates?

The process to resolve busted updates is simple...

  • Open the Management Console, then, from the Dashboard, take note of the account the service is running as.
  • Uninstall.
  • Download the latest MSI installer from the Corner Bowl Software website or use this URL:
  • Once installed, re-assign the service credentials.
Latest Video Tutorial

How to Create Logon Sessions, Logoff and Inactive Accounts Reports

Major New Features
  • Overhauled out-of-the-box JSIG AU-2 Reports. To create, select Tools | Create Default Objects then search the Sample Reports for JSIG.
  • Linux Agent released.
  • Linux Agent-Based Audit Log File Backup Template.
  • Linux Agent-Based Audit Log Consolidation.
  • Linux Agent-Based Audit Log Monitoring.
  • Windows Agent-Based SMART Disk Monitor Template.
  • Windows Agent-Based Defragment NTFS Disk Template.
  • Azure Storage Service support has been added to the Disk Space Monitor (Windows Shares) Template by enabling users to manually add undiscoverable shares.
What's Next?

Next, on the chopping block is a complete port of the Management Service to run on Linux. This is currently in beta format and a link for the beta binaries will be available later this afternoon on our Downloads page. If you are interested in running the Management Service on RHEL or Ubuntu, please reach out so we can schedule a remote session to help you implement the new service.

Read what other customers are saying...

The reports of the audits are very straight to the point. The software unlike SPLUNK is extremely easy to setup and manage, which cuts time down while running audits.
Shane B.
System Security Officer US Government
Customer support is super. Very responsive always extra information.
Charles C.
Criminal Justice Systems Specialist
I really like the consolidated reports that show me network logon problems, disk space and consolidated event logs. They allow me to get out in front on problems before they become disasters.
Timothy H.
Information Technology Director

Best regards,
Mike Janulaitis | Founder | Corner Bowl Software