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Dear Alecnjdfuehieieqqeiwu ,


You are receiving this email because we are updating our terms and conditions. We are making these updates to make our terms clearer and easier to navigate. 


You can read the updated terms and conditions here. 


These changes will come into effect 30 days from today.  By continuing to use the service after the date that the new terms become effective, you are agreeing to the new terms and conditions.


Here is what is changing:


Simplified language


We have updated the language in the agreement, making it clearer and more concise. We have also restructured it for easier navigation by clearly distinguishing between terms that are related to our marketplace and booking platform. 


Subscription and payments


We have introduced new subscription plans and updated the way you can purchase and pay for them.


If you have any questions please get in touch via info@clustermarket.com


Thank you for using Clustermarket’s products and services.


Best wishes

The Clustermarket Team

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