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Welcome to your 14-day free trial with access to 60 device minutes!

Sofy is the no code test automation platform for mobile applications. Sofy enables every mobile QA or developer to create test automation without writing a single line of code. From test case planning to environment setup, and from reports to maintenance, Sofy is the single tool for all your QA needs.  

Sofy makes software automation for mobile applications simple. I recommend getting started with these 3 steps.  

  1. Check out the Dashboard 
  2. Create your first no-code automated test 
  3. Automation is ready! Run it on multiple other real devices 
  4. Plus, experience SofySense - Manual test case & test results AI generator to help you speed up your testing process. 

Yay to no-code automation testing! 


Hyder Ali

VP, Product and Business Development


P.S Need help navigating Sofy? Schedule a time with me.