Salsa into Summer with Tomatillos ????????????

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That’s right, there’s another papery husk-wrapped fruit on the menu this summer! Meet the tomatillo (“little tomato” in Spanish), your new favourite golf ball-sized green fruit that resembles an unripe tomato but isn’t actually a tomato at all. 

Also known as husk tomatoes, tomatillos are actually a unique species in the nightshade family that have been cultivated for thousands of years across Mexico and parts of Central America.

A staple of Mexican cuisine, these bright green beauties have a starring role in traditional salsa verde and a variety of green sauces. The tart, tomato-y flavour of the versatile tomatillo also lends itself well to fresh salads, guacamole, soups, curries, stir-fries, and even dessert.

Bright, tangy, and flavourful, tomatillos are an excellent addition to any summer dish. You won’t want to miss them in this week’s spotlight recipe on the Family Plan featuring salsa verde!
Grilled Chicken with Salsa Verde, Spiced Cotija Zucchini & Pico de Gallo Rice
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