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Hey animedevil001!

You created a Vivaldi account not long ago. So exiting! 🤩 But we noticed that you haven't logged in yet. There's lots to explore. But first, in case you have not yet activated your account, you'll need to finish setting up the account. Click the button bellow to return to the account activation page, where you can also request a new activation code. 

Activate the account

After the account is activated, you'll have access to all of the following:

  • Synchronize your browser data across multiple devices. Look for a cloud button on the bottom edge of the browser window. If you're on a mobile device, go to the Vivaldi menu > Settings > Sync to get started.
  • If there's a question you want to ask or a topic to discuss head over to
  • Did you create an awesome theme for your browser and want to share it with the world? Upload it on 
  • To send an email to your friends telling them how awsome Vivaldi is, log in on or add the account to your favorite mail client(it's Vivaldi Mail, isn't it? 😉)*
  • In case you have great ideas that just need a bigger audience, create a blog on*

*To use Vivaldi's blogging platform and email service, please first verify your phone number on the account's profile on

Need help? Check out this Help Page and, if needed, reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of that page.


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