Your Infoworks Test Drive: Pedal to the Metal

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Update: 2021-12-16
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It's day 2 of your Infoworks Test Drive. You got this!
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Hi Alecnwkqoeqewiqqiewqwei,


We hope you're enjoying your Infoworks Test Drive. Read on for how to maximize your experience. 

Test Drive 5 for users day 2

In under an hour, you can build out an analytics use case by following the Test Drive interactive guide. You will experience for yourself how intelligent automation enables you to rapidly onboard data and launch a complex analytics use case.


This is huge! Here are some of the steps you WON'T HAVE TO CODE because they are automated by Infoworks:

  • Change data capture
  • Incremental files
  • Type management
  • Transformation logic
  • Partitioning/indexing
  • Optimization for queries
  • Data validation
  • Metadata lineage
  • Data catalog
  • Dev to production migration

So get in there now and follow one of the interactive guides. You got this!

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We are excited for you to experience the power of Infoworks. If you have any issues, contact us at Enjoy the ride!


Best regards,

The Team at Infoworks