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Hi TheSoundOfSilence!, Thanks for registering with us at Tengaged.com. We look forward to seeing you around the site. To complete your registration, you need to confirm that you got this mail. To do so, simply click the link below: https://tengaged.com/register?action=validate&key=aaf5bd5153480b80f2f0bfb5247afe98 If you have problems clicking the link, just copy and paste the entire address into your browser. IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that only ONE account is allowed per IP address. If someone else in your household wishes to create a Tengaged account, please contact Tengaged_Moderation directly for permission BEFORE creating the new account. If you're having trouble activating your account, simply forward this email to tengaged@tengaged.com and we'll help you. Welcome to Tengaged! The Tengaged Team To unsubscribe to all e-emails please click this link: https://tengaged.com/unsubscribe?u=TheSoundOfSilence&c=aaf5bd515348

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