Unlocking Efficiency: 12 Techniques to cost saving on Snowflake

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Is your data team facing budget constraints? Looking to channel more resources towards innovation and AI? Begin by refining your data and analytics platforms to reduce cloud computing expenses.


Snowflake, a leading cloud data warehouse, offers robust capabilities but can also come with substantial costs. In this article, discover 12 actionable techniques to optimize your cloud spend. These techniques include:

  • Selecting the right warehouse size for your workload.
  • Reducing the auto-suspend period for your warehouses.
  • Using materialized views to minimize resource usage.
  • Optimizing your queries.
12 Steps to Savings


A “Direct” Path to Analytics: Cloud-Native Data Warehousing

In the modern data-centric organization, traditional data warehouse approaches have struggled to keep up with escalating complexity and volume. Cloud data warehousing has risen to counter these challenges with elastic scale and enhanced performance - often increasing cost. To counter, this vendors and enterprises have to focus on efficiency to bring costs down.

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Experience Yellowbrick - the only cloud data warehouse built to meet the demands of high-performance data-driven applications and enterprise analytics across both cloud and on-prem, even for thousands of users with real-time data feeds, and complex mixed workloads.


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