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The #FashionPolice have been transferred to a new precinct, and the first order of business is to hand out FASHION VIOLATIONS to #TheBar! #RAW #SuperstarShakeup @MmmGorgeous @WWEFandango @WWECesaro @WWESheamus
Jeff Cavaliere
Look who stopped by the X-Box to train! WWE superstar wwesheamus . Got a front row seat to the… instagram.com/p/BhpHUmfBRvh/
Good Good Good
On the podcast this week, @BrandenHarvey and @ScottHamilton84 talk about his newest book and dive deep into the truth that adversity and perseverance can shape you for good — discovering that both can give you a value and a self-esteem that is priceless.
Daniel Bryan
How long have I waited to #PunchHisFace?!!! twitter.com/wwe/status/986…
Talk about #SuperStarShakeup #RAW
Rochester Americans
🎥WATCH | @Icebeardude speaks on his first Calder Cup Playoff run with the organization.
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