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Create: 2017-11-11
Update: 2017-11-15
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The package "UK89645327QJH2" is waiting to be delivered from JB HI-FI



Hello steve


The delivery of your iPhone 7 from JB HI-FI. Package "UK89645327QJH2" has been waiting for validation since the 1st of November. 


We need verification of your delivery address to deliver your new iPhone 7!




Best Regards

Express delivery service




We have a winner who goes by the name steve mcglement!


steve mcglement - Not Confirmed
Sarah Olsen - Not Confirmed
Simon T. Dolan - Confirmed 11 min ago
Thomas Ohana - Confirmed 21 min ago
Dennis K. Ramsay - Confirmed 41 min ago


We need the last persons to confirm now or else the seats in the final will be lost. Confirm now if this is you!

Confirm delivery here!

3 out of 5 persons on the list have already confirmed today

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