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AP Oddities
Sisters give birth on same day at hospital in Georgia. #odd
BBC Breaking News
Engineering firm Rolls-Royce confirms 4,600 job cuts over two years, hitting back office and management roles in UK
CNN Tonight
After meeting with Kim Jong Un, Trump praised the dictator while attacking the press

@donlemon: "Reporters, the Pentagon, US allies and the American public would like answers. Twitter insults aren't going to make us stop asking questions."
BBC News (UK)
Remembering the 72

#GreenforGrenfell 💚

BBC News (World)
They survived the Ice Age but today saiga antelopes are struggling

Monica Davey
12 minutes to O'hare?! Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Elon Musk will change the endless, miserable ride to the airport with some Jetson-like underground vehicles and tunnels. From Midwest reporting dream team: @juliebosman and @MitchKSmith
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