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Hey utskil,

Do you want to know the REAL reason why you’re not making money like all the coaches, consultants, and service providers you see on the ‘gram?

Or the real reason as to why you MIGHT be getting likes, comments, and follows with your content...

But still not landing ANY clients?


I get it.

In fact, just a little over a year ago I was in the exact same situation.

I was at 8,000 IG followers...

Had hundreds of likes on my posts...

Comments such as "Love this!" on my captions...

But still had no one ACTUALLY interested in what I had to SELL.

Despite all these vanity metrics, NOBODY was DMing me asking about my services and very little people actually knew I was a coach.

For the longest time I was trying to rattle my brain as to WHY this was happening to me.

How could it be that I had all this engagement on Instagram... but STILL NO CLIENTS?

The answer is simple.

It’s SO simple that I didn’t even realize it until a lot LATER in my business when I FINALLY cracked the code.

Once I figured out WHY I was not making any sales and FIXED THE PROBLEM...

I ended up selling 15 spots to my 1:1 coaching program, and within less than 3 months, I generated $30,000 in revenue.


How the heck did I go from $0 to $30,000 in a little less than 3 months?

This is how.

When you click to watch my livestream, you'll find out...

+ Why no one wants to be your client (EVEN THOUGH you post about your business every day on social media)

+ The MAJOR misconception that BLOCKS SALES and WASTES your time like no other

+ One EASY solution to get MORE leads and LESS crickets.


A LOT of new entrepreneurs are NOT focusing on the right things when it comes to building their businesses online, which leads them to not only waste a lot of time and energy, but also lose out on massive sales opportunities.

So, if you’re someone that’s found themselves stagnant when it comes to getting clients, watch this broadcast now.

After watching the livestream, I'd love for you to participate in the conversation that's been happening in my private Facebook group.

Just me. You. And 12,000 other people. 🤣

If you haven’t already... make sure you request to join HERE.

See you soon!

Vanessa Lau | Creator of The BOSSGRAM Academy |

PS: Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can help you...

1. Join my free Facebook group, TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS, exclusively for coaches and consultants looking to stop hearing crickets and START getting clients using Instagram


2. Get on the waitlist for my premium program, The BOSSGRAM Academy.

You’ll get the full A-Z coaching you need to strengthen your offers, systemize your lead generation, and start converting paid clients.


Vanessa Lau International Inc., PO BOX 27371 Garden City PO, Richmond, British Columbia V6Y0E9, Canada
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