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eBook: Rise Above the Cloud

An in-depth guide for CIOs and IT decision-makers to bridge the gap between cloud initiatives and business outcomes.

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Security Operations

Simplifying Operations with Cybersecurity Platform Consolidation

Consolidating your cybersecurity estate provides clarity for organizations seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and maximize the budget. Benefits include enhanced visibility, improved threat detection and response capabilities, simplified management, and cost savings...

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Learn the basics of artificial intelligence and large language models, including a brief history, benefits and key business applications.

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Cyber Range - Capture The Flag Series - Red, October

Cyber Range teams -- comprised of teams of three to four players -- will be pitted against one another. The objective of the competition is to solve practical cyber challenges in a simulated environment. This is a red team-style mixed capture the flag event that will require you ...

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Cyber Range - Capture the Flag Series - Blue, September

Cyber Range teams -- comprised of teams of three to four players -- will be pitted against one another in a point-style competition, and the team with the most points at the end wins. This will be a multi-day experience that can accommodate teams from within different geographies...

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World Wide Technology Supply Chain Job Fair

Our Talent Acquisition team will be on-site at our NAIC Building 2 to welcome and meet with job seekers in the technology production and supply chain industry and conduct interviews for dozens of open positions, including: Warehouse Associates, Supervisors, Forklift Operators, Pr...

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