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alex — Video has gone viral of Aurora police officers mistakenly pulling over a Black mother and her four children. Police handcuffed this mom and her kids, and forced them to lay on hot asphalt. Police say they confused this mom’s SUV for a stolen motorcycle. Now the community is speaking out and demanding justice. Stephen started this petition demanding the officers involved resign. Join Stephen’s campaign to hold these officers accountable.

Demand the resignation of Aurora Police Officers who unlawfully detained Black Family.

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A botched vehicle theft investigation by the Aurora Police Department has led to the unlawful detainment of a Black mother and her four children at a shopping center on Buckley & E. Iliff in Aurora, Colorado when their SUV was mistaken for a stolen MOTORCYCLE on August 2nd, 2020. 

Video taken by a bystander has gone viral and is the cause of outrage in Colorado communities. 

The family has suffered a traumatic public humiliation when the Mother and her children we’re handcuffed and forced to lay on hot asphalt in 90 degree weather at gun point. 

An apology is NOT enough. We demand the Aurora Police officers involved resign their position and admit incompetence. They are unfit for duty and have attributed to the heinous acts of Police departments across the country that are profiling black Americans and dehumanizing them in public. 

This is the fault of all Officers involved and of department heads who do not hold the offending parties accountable. 

As members of a civil society we demand justice for this family and new training protocols from all police departments that address these incidents with excessive force. 

This is an unacceptable, unlawful and egregious act performed by an institution that has already fallen out of favor in the public trust. 

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