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Update: 2023-10-03
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Welcome to Xign.Me! With this email you will receive your personal activation data for your app.
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Glad you are here!
You have successfully created your personal Xign.Me profile - Thank you for your trust!
To use your smartphone as an passwordless access key to applications from the digital and real world, you need to link your Xign.Me profile to the Xign.Me app in a one-time activation process.
Important Note:
Complete the initial activation of your Xign.Me app by 10/05/2023 - 01:00AM (CEST). Otherwise this email and with it your registration will be invalid for security reasons!
Keep the activation data of this e-mail, together with your PIN, after successful initial activation in a safe place! You will need this, for example, in case of a device change or a recovery.
"Activation 1"
(You can add further activations to your personal Xign.Me profile in the future and thus use your profile on additional devices or apps. One activation is required per device/app. By naming it, such as "Activation 1", you can more easily associate and manage your activations.)
You have 2 ways to activate your Xign.Me app:
[1] Activate with your smartphone:
You have opened this email on your smartphone?
Start activation
Tap the "Start Activation" button to open the Xign.Me app and complete the activation process.
(If the desired app is not opened, press and hold the button and select "Open link".)
[2] Activation with an additional device:
You have opened this email on an additional device (PC, tablet, ...)?
QR code to activate the Xign.Me app using an additional device
Open the Xign.Me app on your smartphone and choose "Activate" after the introduction and then "Start Activation".
Scan the QR code from this email using the camera screen of the Xign.Me app to complete the activation successfully.
You can manage the data of your Xign.Me profile at any time using the XignIn-Manager (XignSys XignIn-Manager). To access your Xign.Me profile, you need an activated Xign.Me app.
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