#1 Selling Pail for a reason

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#1 Selling Pail for a reason
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#1 Selling Pail for a reason
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Trust the Best, Trust Diaper Genie
The #1 selling diaper disposal brand protects your nursery from odors and germs, keeping it smelling baby fresh.
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Our Ultimate Odor Lock System & Germ Protection
Designed like no other pail
Double Air-Tite® clamps to seal in odors and built-in antimicrobial to protect from germs
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Our Complete pail has a foot pedal for easy, hygienic and hands-free use
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Modern & Stylish
Offered in a variety of tasteful colors to match any rooms decor
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Diapers Stink but with Diaper Genie Complete, your Nursery won't!
Join the over 1.5 million moms that trust Diaper Genie Complete for an odor-free nursery. Give us a try, we guarantee to keep the smell away!

  • Be sure to use Diaper Genie refills for ultimate odor control
  • NEW! Try the Max Fresh refills with a clean laundry scent
  • And if odors try and escape, our carbon filter will capture them
  • Buy Complete Now!
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