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Hi everyone! Jeremy here, back with some more tips for Facebook Ads.

Facebook is by far the most widely used platform for dropshippers but so often, it is NOT being used properly.

So over the next few emails, I will be going over tips and tricks on how to maximize your hard earned money and improve your Facebook Ads!
Interest Targeting
One issue I see a lot of people have is that the interests that they normally target are far too basic. The more basic interest you’re targeting, the more competition that you have. The more competition that you have, the more expensive it will get to show your ad to your specified audience. And with this, your ad will be shown to less people and your hard-earned money will not be used to its full potential. 
A way to target your intended demographic WITHOUT the highly competitive environment is to use your knowledge of your target demographic and pivot your interest targeting to reach the specific demographic, rather than the niche you are selling to. So that might sound kind of confusing so here’s an example:
Let’s say you’re selling kids toys:
You’ve got 100 sales and you notice the majority of your main demographic are grandparents buying toys for their grandkids. So instead of targeting obvious interests in the toy niche such as “toys”, “fisher price” or “Hasbro”, let’s get really specific with the data that we collected and target interests that are less competitive to get lower CPM’s and to be more relevant to the audience we want to reach. Since we know the demographic, we can use hyper targeted interests such as “retirement”, “old age”, “pension”, or even targeting activities older people do such as interests like “pickleball”, “Bingo”, “knitting”. This really helps differentiate your targeting from your competition to show your ad to more people that are within your target demographic. 
So once you have a little bit of data to pinpoint what demographic is converting the best for your ads, use that data with your interest targeting to maximize your budget to hit that new pocket of interests that are much less competitive. 
Try this out and let me know how it goes! Hope you got some actionable advice you can implement in your Facebook Ads!
Don’t worry, there are tons more tips and tricks coming in part 2!
But until then, see you next time!
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