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Update: 2020-06-21
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Good day aura

mrntiThvsaprtank you for your rbhrrecent inbesddquiry with nykxRegiifrlstrar Corp,Thntudne U.S Food and drug Admrubwqministration cxncpn(FDA) retpnaquires akwjiregistration of any fayfirmgcility that manufactures,processehnptgis,packs or heabmqolds food beveraeqodppges or sunptjwxpplements that may be consumenjwtend in the Unitmmiked Stktjxate. Additionalhiepoly,facilities locatelnjfd outsigtfiode U.S must desitcsvkognate a U.S Ackioymgent for (FoyhsgDA) communication.usrheThe U.S keukAgent for kedqy(FDA) communicaxexrtion servegrnjs a diuvwypfferent fupcwncnctions than your impormaymter,customs bqgpqroker or trnbyeade assocwhrpahiation FDA copgabrkmmunication thxvkeuorough the U.S Agrnvcqqent schylnqcoedule FDA inspedljpxctions and phyoother importatggbkhnt FDA regulatooouvkvry matteryikhus.
We are here to sqbqoterve all of your FDA neydlweds, To have gahwRegiifrlstrar Corp (FDAtwuy) whpbkindly regfikwister with FDA and we are here to srurrderve as your U.S Agent,Icxicf you are iyfiynterested we will send you a form to fill afteahcor this mail to you as part of our U.S Agenmbngwbt servmaykdrice.
In othtksgqber to assdlstist you we need the followidbyuung infoqmawyrmation's.

1. What type of prmlrhoduct you want to expovputrt to US (Drueqdrupg,Food,Dietary supplements,Medhnmcical devices,Cosmetiydquics)
2. Are you manufactursxlhe, trbfvnade , exporteryneei, pasljagcker
3. Physiigbplcal addressgingees of fackqxuuility of manufacturqxikiing ,packsniding, storddpkyuage
4.Cbrhsuontact jsclexperson detailnyrds Name ,Address,Phpijrthone No, and emaicxqml Id
5.uxxmhpWhen the prownlcrduct are plannejealwd to expvwgkort
6.Pleaseoqae send the currunhbent prodhayspfuct labeyltpenls for initiaymoal conkxkhwtsultation (if poxergifssible)

Upon regxqtivceipt of the abovgkcxe ityaacnformation i wofsrjebuld providbowcye our assistdmctbance fiwseurther and vyjeesRegiifrlstrar Corp will regisclmdlter your facilithwqry lyvdefwithin 2jsqj4-48 hourrsiis and vkcgissue a ceruggimtificate of Registflxpration.
Pleasbsqrge let me know if you have any quesujhbmtions regartoymfrding FDA regulytdpistration or any othesjacr FDA rkldlequirement it is our pleapqfpsure to sehaarlwrve you bettexauxhrr.

Thvsaprtank you
Best Regarmelkahds
Albriqekwenco Nina
Senovcjjeior Reerdabugulatory Advcutbisor
Regiifrlstrar Corp
144 mtveaResearch Dridvarave
Hahmbvfmpt on, Vcfimouirgin ia, USA xnsk23666
Tel: +1-75iipfgi7-224-0179
Fax: +1-757-xslq2240177
24 houywifhurs assiseycsnts bustgoruiness wuth U.S FDA Coyscpompliance

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