STM32 AI-based condition monitoring, LED lighting ref design, waterproof pressure sensor and more

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ST's PCIM Virtual Event for power semiconductors - meet the experts!

Explore our latest innovations for industrial and automotive applications and get in touch with our experts in live sessions and community forums to ask questions and discuss!

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New STM32WB MCUs available in the industry's smallest package

Housed in a tiny WLCSP100 package ideal for wearable applications, STM32WB55VG brings more flexibility to the STM32WB portfolio, which already provides several options in terms of memory sizes, peripherals, radio stacks and packages.

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Waterproof pressure sensor protects wearables from the most extreme outdoor conditions

The LPS33K is a waterproof MEMS pressure sensor featuring a 300-1200 hPa absolute digital output barometer. Its robust, ultra-compact, potted gel package makes it suitable for water-friendly applications.

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PFC controller combines analog performance with the flexibility of a digital approach

Designed for 2-channel interleaved boost-PFC topologies, the STNRGPF02 digital driver features an inrush current limiter to ensure robust, reliable power supplies.

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600V MDmesh M6 STPOWER MOSFET in a thermally-efficient
TO-LL package

With excellent RDS(on) per area and an effective switching behavior, the STO47N60M6 is ideal for resonant and hard-switching topologies. Comes in a compact leadless
TO-LL package, enabling more space-efficient power converters

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TO-220 insulated package


High-temperature 16 and 20 A silicon-controlled rectifiers in a TO-220 insulated package

The TN1610H-6I, TN2010H-6I and TN2015H-6I are new 16 and 20 A, 600V thyristors. Used in controlled rectifier bridges, AC relays or as HV crowbar protection for SMPS, they are ideal for compact power modules with a 1000 V/µs noise immunity.

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TSB711A and TSB7191A series


Leveraging BiCMOS technology in 36 V Op Amps for robust industrial circuits

The TSB711A and TSB7191A series are single operational amplifiers with a supply voltage ranging from 2.7 to 36 V offering high speed  (6 / 22 MHz), a low input offset voltage and high tolerance to ESD.

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LED driver with a two-stage power conversion topology for 100 W

Based on LED controllers, Power MOSFETs, an STM32L0 MCU and a Sub-1GHz module, the STEVAL-LLL008V1 achieves high efficiency, low THD and minimal stand-by consumption, and uses Mesh networking for LED street lighting with remote control.

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Linux driver for ST's new Time-of-Flight proximity sensor

The STSW-IMG021 is a driver running under Linux based on the VL53L3CX ToF ranging sensor, featuring multi-target detection and combining excellent short distance linearity with a 3-meter ranging capability.

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Evaluation kit for robotic applications


Evaluation kit for robotic applications takes your university project to the next level

Use the STEVAL-EDUKIT01 to learn how to stabilize a free-swinging pendulum with a stepper motor and feedback from a high-performance rotary encoder reading the pendulum angle. More training resources are also available here.

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ST and Cartesiam


ST and Cartesiam make AI-based condition monitoring accessible

Together with ST Partner Cartesiam, we have developed the FP-AI-NANOEDG1 function pack to allow you to easily develop your own STM32-based condition monitoring solution, regardless of your knowledge on AI and data science.

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STLINK-V3 blog post


STLINK-V3: 3 modules, 1 adapter board, and 5 reasons to fall in love with them

The B-STLINK-VOLT adapter board for the STLINK-V3 debugging probe allows it to work with STM32 MCUs that draw less than the traditional 3.3 V. Discover which new possibilities this brings to your design!

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Blog post- Biricha: from Padawan to Jedi master, the path to conquering the dark side of digital power supplies

New ecosystem developed in partnership with Biricha, for beginners to experienced engineers

STM32 MPU wiki pages - new version now live

The latest developer resources are available in our updated website.

Virtual event - MUST Virtual Exhibition IoT Trends (July 7-9)

Visit our virtual booth, discover our IoT solutions and follow the presentations from our experts

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