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Your signup to FreeDNS.afraid.org has been received. To enable/activate your account into an operational status, you must visit this activation URL: -> http://freedns.afraid.org/signup/activate.php?WlADEbuR4N84DwEX5q2MXQt3 +----------------------------------+ Your signup credentials are: +----------------------------------+ Name: gfhgfh gfhgfh Username: fghg5665 Signup IP: Signup Date: 2016-12-24 09:27:23 +----------------------------------+ Please take a moment to understand what FreeDNS enables you to do, in hopes this will answer your initial questions ...: All free accounts come with: - Unlimited DNS query traffic - 5 free subdomains from domains in the shared system - 20 free subdomains per domain of your own FreeDNS lets you: - Instant update access, all changes to your domains/subdomains go live immediately. - Create free subdomains out of the shared domain base. - Host/manage your own domain's DNS without cost. - Redirect your hostname(s) to any URL on the internet. - Support for CNAME, A, AAAA, MX, NS, TXT, LOC, RP, HINFO, SRV records. - Support for Round Robin DNS. - Support for IPv6 Reverse DNS. - Support for Dynamic DNS / free Dynamic DNS clients available to ensure your IP is always up-to-date. - Great way to learn about DNS for novices. If thats still not enough, accounts may be instantly upgraded to also include: - Wildcard DNS ability, *.anything.domain.com flows to you. - Control TTL expire/cache on your DNS records (advanced). - 10 additional subdomains per dollar, per month ($5 = 50 subdomains (Bargain! Perfect for shell companies)). - Knowledge that you're supporting one of the most stable DNS services on the Internet who truly desires your utmost satisfaction. I would love an opportunity to earn your business. If you have any domain needs beyond what is covered on the website, then please do not hesitate to reply to this email. Welcome to FreeDNS.afraid.org! -Josh -- Joshua Anderson Senior Admin @ FreeDNS.afraid.org Now servicing 2,798,574 members and 81,093 domains. Currently processing 3,819 DNS queries per second. The highest compliment we could receive would be a premium membership.

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