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Hi There, 

Thanks for reaching out to ACE Cloud Hosting. Before proceeding to our next level of demo discussions, I would like to connect with you for a quick 15-min call to get a better understanding of your current setup and requirements.

This could help you decide if it will be the right fit or not and also help our product team to create a customized demo for you.

Please let me know a time slot and I will send you the Teams meeting invite accordingly. 

Our service includes the following aspects:  

  • ACE Cloud can provide a full-fledged Hosted Desktop Solution for your employees along with Anytime-Anywhere Access to your files on our cloud servers.  

  • We are a completely Managed Service Provider to provide you with best-in-class assistance.

  • We will be providing a completely personalized virtual desktop with permission restrictions in place as required for each user.

  • This shall therefore eliminate your requirement of maintaining a physical server on your end.

  • With ACE Cloud there are no restrictions over the provision of an RDP/SSH connection to access your Hosted Desktop.

  • We have a very flexible environment wherein you can add the number of users at your convenience.

  • We have multiple plans for Hosted Desktop as per your requirement for any windows-based application.

  • Since security is a major concern, some of the policies that can be applied are :

    • Copy/Paste restrictions so that the user cannot transfer files from the hosted desktop to their local PC and vice versa

    • Blocking of external device connections to the hosted desktops

    • Restriction of websites can be done on request and if a list of websites is given

    • More details have been shared in the security brochure attached to this email

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,

Viraj Sharma / Solutions Consultant 1-754-202-0613

ACE Cloud Hosting / 855-ACE-IT-UP