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I've done dozens and dozens of launches over the past 6 years. Some that have made over $50,000 in just 48 hours...


But NOTHING compares to the launch that happened in our family this past week.


My precious 6 year old daughter launched her first E-Commerce store selling felt flowers to our neighborhood. All so she could make $30 to buy a new toy she really wanted.


Within the first week of sales, we made $87!



When I told her we earned enough money for her toy, she instantly burst into tears and ran up to give me a HUGE happy-girl hug.


In that week she learned how to take a skill and turn it into income.


And that's why I'm so passionate about the content I produce for you on my Youtube Channel and Blog.


We all have skills that can become an income stream.


Obviously, $87 doesn't seem like much to adults who have mortgages, kids, and other serious expenses.


But everyone starts from zero.


And if a 6 year old can make $87 in a week selling something no-one needs...


How much can you make if you could finally get your sales funnel off the ground and profitable?


I want to help you do that.


Which is why I'm going live this Thursday at 12:00PM EST to complete an entire sales funnel in Kartra that you can use to monetize your own skills and passions.


This is a premium, hands on training. Come in, ask questions, launch your thing 👇🏻


Click here to register for it


You'll also get access to the replay from the first session which people had a total blast on!!



So join in, build your sales funnel, and go help the world become a little better every day.


Click here to register


See you inside!


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