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ETA? 9:15 PM - 9:25 PM to 574 John Ross Rd, Wylie, TX
Hello Steven,
Your delivery order from Mehfil Indian Cuisine is being prepared. Your food should arrive between 9:15pm – 9:25pm.
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Mehfil Indian Cuisine
Delivery (ASAP) to Steven Young, 574 John Ross Rd Wylie, TX
(469) 933-2348
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Jun 15, 2020 8:30:53pm
Butter Chicken
• Plain Naan 
• Mild 
Beef Vindaloo
• Plain Naan 
Seekh Kebab
Mushroom Mutter
Mango Lassi
Chicken Biryani
• Mild 
Lamb Biryani
• Mild 
Items subtotal $85.91
Service fee $4.51
Sales tax $7.46
Tip $12.00
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