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Thank you for your purchase from PlayStation™Store.

You will find a copy of your purchase details below and a link to the terms which apply to your purchase. Please print these off and keep in a safe place for future reference.
Order Number:  215078368544
Name: i rakitic
Online ID: flossy-patient2
Date and time of purchase:  23/07/2020 12:51 PM GMT
Unit of Price
Cars 3: Driven to Win (Full Game)

This is not a VAT/GST invoice. Current Wallet Amount*: £0.00
*This wallet amount is current as of the date and time of this transaction.
Total:  £9.59
Fund Sources Used (Total)
PAYPALDI : £9.59

At the time of making your purchase, you asked us to provide you with immediate access to your purchase with the understanding that this means you will have a 14 day “cooling off period” from the purchase date in which you can cancel your purchase and request a refund, but:

(i) for digital content (such as games), if you start downloading or streaming the content you will lose this cancellation right. Please note that downloading may happen automatically (e.g. for in-game purchases or if you have enabled the [Auto Download] function in your account settings);

(ii) for a subscription service (like a PlayStation®Plus subscription) you will not get a full refund as we will make a deduction for the use you have had of the service.

This does not affect any right you may have to a refund for faulty products.

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