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Dear Shreyaksh Kashoudhan,
If you are a young working professional engaged in your daily job routine OR

in your middle-age with responsibilities of family and burgeoning EMIs OR

a retired senior citizen or someone who wants to invest for long-term, 

wanting potential higher returns, ready to take moderate to high calculated risks, 

and having no time or skill to research/identify the best stocks 

then, we at DSIJ have the best of both worlds! 

With a highly-qualified professional team of Research Analysts and collective experience of 34 years, we provide recommendations well-suited to the investors as well as the traders in you. 

We can identify product range as per your requirement, ranging from intraday to few days or a few months horizons to long-term holding from 1 year or 2 years, using the best of technical and fundamental analysis.

This unique offer is open for a short window and we would like you to make the most of it. So, you have a choice of 4 baskets: Bronze (Rs 9,999/-), Silver (Rs 16,799/-) Gold (Rs 19,999/-) and Platinum (Rs, 23,999/-).

So, in the Bronze pack you get to pick any one of our product, in the Silver pack you can pick any two of our products, any three in the Gold Pack and any five in the Platinum. Best part is you can add both Investor and Trader products to the same basket. The following are the list of products that can you choose from.

We offer a variety of products, which you can choose, as per your suitability.

Investor Products
Tiny Treasure – 1 year (Priced at Rs 16,520/-)
Mid Bridge – 1 year (Priced at Rs 14,160/-)
Value Pick – 1 year (Priced at Rs 6,313/-)
Upstream Pick – 1 year (Priced at Rs 21,240/-)
Vriddhi – 1 year (Priced at Rs 19,470/-)
Pearl Pick – 1 year (Priced at Rs 18,644/-)
Large Rhino – 1 year (Priced at Rs 11,151/-)
Dalal Street Investment Journal – 1 year (Priced at Rs 4,120/-)
Flash News Investment – 1 year (Priced at Rs 7,995/-)
Trader Products
Pop Stock – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 15,859/-)
Pop BTST – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 17,346/-)
Pop Index – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 22,184/-)
Pop Futures – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 20,957/-)
Pop Options – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 23,506/-)
Ace Momentum – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 9,440/-)
TAS – 6 Months (Priced at Rs 20,815/-)


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