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Create: 2017-05-30
Update: 2018-03-23
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Borre (letgo)

May 30, 09:32 CEST

Thanks for contacting letgo!

On behalf of letgo, I apologize for our oversight when your account was blocked. It is again active.

We appreciate your patience and hope that you continue to list your secondhand stuff on letgo.

If you have any problems or questions, just let us know.

Best regards,

letgo Customer Care



May 29, 09:30 CEST

- User name: Unknown
- User email: abuelazaiem11@baynetlibs.com
- User id: Unknown
- Title: Account under review
I have paid a seller for an Item worth of $1000 and i can't access my account.

App version: WEB
Country: Unknown
Language: en-US

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