Re: [NixOS/nixpkgs] sublime-merge cannot push to remote (#88600)

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So after discussing this with the helpful folks on the Sublime Merge repository, I was able to figure out what the problem is, it is happening because the ssh-askpass-sublime functionality for sublime_merge actually depends on passing a special value as the argv[0] to the sublime_merge executable. However the sublime_merge file that ssh-askpass-sublime is trying to pass the argv[0] to is actually a wrapper script that calls exec to run the actual binary after setting up the proper environment variables. There doesn't appear to be any way for the bash script to detect the argv[0] that was passed to bash as $0 is overwritten with the path to the bash script. I'm not sure how we will resolve this issue but at least we know what is causing it now. Maybe we can create a wrapper for the ssh-askpass-sublime script that helps it execute the call properly against the un-wrapped binary or something.

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