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Hey Pro Dezza,

I have some good news! We've taken a look at the address you checked on our website, and I'm happy to confirm we're all set to offer you a Fixed Wireless service with up to 120Mbps speeds.

Sound good? (We think it does!) Check out our Fixed Wireless plans for home or for business to choose the best internet for your lifestyle.

Once you're ready, fill out the online application form by selecting Get Connected on your chosen plan - it should take about five minutes.

If you're interested, we also have NBN available at your address - here's where you can view our NBN plans for home or business.

I'm happy to run you through our plan options and work out the best option to suit how you use the internet at home. When would be a good time to chat?

You can always reach my team and I on 9466 2670, or by replying to this email.


D'Arcy Page
Onboarding Specialist
M: (08) 9466 2670 E:

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