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Here’s a great little story of how one of my friends became fluent in German in 3 months.

When she was younger, she flew halfway across the world to study abroad.

She’d done a bit of German in school and knew some stuff but was by no means fluent.

So she lands at the airport and realizes her host family doesn’t speak a word of English.

Not a single word.

Mom, dad, four kids, and none of them speak any English.

As you can imagine, it’s hell on earth for a while.

She’s flapping her arms around, gesticulating, miming … doing whatever she can to speak perfect German.

(The family wouldn’t understand her unless her German was perfect.)

It’s three months of non-stop German.

And by the end of the three months, she had gotten pretty good.

So on the last day, they’re sitting at the dinner table, and the dad turns to her and says in sparkling English…

“I’d say your German has improved quite a bit since you got here!”…

Unbelievable eh?

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And unlike my friend, you can immerse in a low-stakes environment from the comfort of your home.


By simulating the experience of living in the German-speaking world … and exposing yourself to native conversation regularly.

In this way, you can challenge your brain with German on a daily basis and level up rapidly.

And with GermanPod101, you can do just that.

You see, our audio/video lessons are hosted by native speakers having real conversations.

All you have to do is press play, and you’re immediately immersed in German…

Giving you the benefit of being on the other side of the world, even if you’re stuck at home.

And trust me, it’s not going to take you months to see progress… you’ll start speaking from your very first lesson.


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To your fluency,
Peter Galante
Founder, GermanPod101

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