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It’s that time of year when most training professionals are assessing the results of their corporate training programs year to date and working on 2024 strategic plans and budget. One area that is always a focus is compliance training! To support this effort, we highlight best practices for creating engaging and effective compliance training programs in our Compliance Training Made Easy guide, blogs and upcoming webinars. Compliance is necessary, and we’re here to support you!

Fresh Compliance Content!

Compliance Made Easy: The Complete Guide to Compliance Training

At Litmos, we believe that compliance doesn’t have to be a chore, and that ensuring your workforce receives essential compliance training is so much more than checking off a box. Everyone in every industry has to work in alignment with the applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, 72% of companies say that they are trying to improve their compliance strategies. And so, we created this guide to help make building your compliance training programs a little easier. Download our guide (or executive summary) and you will gain a better understanding of the benefits, core topics, and best practices of compliance training.

Build a Compliance Training Program: Start with the Basics

As most learning leaders know, compliance training isn’t highly anticipated workplace learning content. Even the most diligent employee might see compliance training as a chore. But what if we could make compliance training complement or even enhance the culture and productivity of our workplaces? Read “Build a Compliance Training Program: Start with the Basics” to learn how your organization can combat common compliance training pitfalls and start creating a compliance-positive culture. 

Blogs You Want to Read

Maximizing the Impact of Workplace Learning: Fit, Alignment, and Congruence 

What do LMS administrators and architects have in common? The answer is that they both deal with blueprints. Just as architects carefully plan and design every aspect of a building, instructional designers must meticulously craft learning blueprints to support learning performance. Read our blog on workplace learning to create a program which is efficient, effective and contributes to the ease of learning.

Training the Multigenerational Workforce 

Companies today are realizing that they easily have up to four (!) generations of employees working within their organizations. While having a multigenerational workforce adds elements of age diversity to a company, it also presents challenges with respect to learning. Baby Boomers, for example, learn in a different manner than Generation Z and vice versa. Learn how to leverage the strengths of your diverse workforce with our tips here
Core Components of Successful Digital Learning Engagement
“If you build it, they will come”. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, it's from the 1899 film Field of Dreams in reference to a farmer following his dreams and building a baseball field in his cornfield. We can translate this to the L&D world with the following question: does the same phrase hold true for training if you build the learning? The answer is... sometimes. Learn the key components of digital learning engagement here.
Upcoming Webinars and Events
Litmos mascot Lenny tooting a horn
Webinar: Lenny Awards Customer Showcase | Nov. 7th
Join us on LinkedIn Live for our second annual Lenny Awards Customer Showcase! We invite you and your team to join us to hear tips, tricks, and advice from your 2023 Lenny Awards winners! Sign up here!
Webinar: Compliance Made Easy  | Nov. 28th
Are you struggling to make compliance training engaging for your organization? This is the webinar for you. Join Director of Global Talent Management at Litmos, Pam Ramsbott, for a 60-minute webinar that explores the impact, challenges, and best practices of compliance training. Guest speaker Emilee Johnson – VP, Corporate Enablement & Global Sales Transformation at Celigo – will also drop in to discuss how Celigo leveraged Litmos's LMS tools to make compliance training easier and more effective. Register here!  
Customer Highlight
"We did extensive research on different LMSs and we found that Litmos offered the most functionality and we really were impressed with their intuitive user interface. We’re really looking forward to our partnership with Litmos and making our world-class programs even better." 
Ellen Vines, Director of Tools and Technology, ADP

See for yourself how ADP uses Litmos LMS to power its world-class training program here

Litmos News
Litmos Announces Partnerships to Expand and Invest in Global Customer Needs 
Litmos recently announced new partnerships which will serve to provide greater access to Litmos learning solutions across the Nordics, BENELUX, LATAM, India, Singapore, and more. Read more about new resale partners like The Gavdi Group, and the rest of the partner expansion here.
Litmos Remains an LMS Leader in G2 Fall 2023 Grid Report
Heard the good news? Litmos has done it again, remaining a leader in the LMS space for the Fall 2023 grid report! Earlier this month G2 released the Fall 2023 Grid report which highlights the top companies, products, and categories across 209,696 reports featuring 16,514 total software products across 1,058 categories. Read here to find out more about the impressive 16 badges that Litmos won. 
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