Our Third Annual Celebration Kicks Off Soon

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Hello ~fname~,

 All through the year this site has wonderful benefits for its members , but at            
               this time of year our admin is making it a bit more special.

               Yes, it's our third annual twelve days of Christmas. There will be winners   
               every day.
               Would you be one of them? 
               Of course, with the buzz of excitement at this time, there is already      
               increasing levels of activity, which, no doubt, translates into more traffic for   
               you and me.

               And, we all want more traffic, don't we?
               Also, if you are a newbie, this is a good site to include in your portfolio.  

               Click the link below and watch for the count down timer  so that you can get in
               right at the start and not miss a day.


               See you on the inside.

               Deborah Blades

HercuList GOLD ad: 35 credits


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