Re: Supply of Portable ECG SanketLife devices hit due to Lockdown

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Dr Vinod Paul Sir

Kindly help them

Dr KK 

To Dr K K Aggarwal
President, CMAAO

Dear Sir,

This is Neha, Founder of a medtech startup Agatsa based in Noida. We have innovated world's smallest ECG device SanketLife and sell it online to both the doctors and heart patients for digital home and remote monitoring of ECG for cardiac patients. As per government directives during the COVID-19 lockdown, medical devices are exempted from the lockdown and are considered essential. However, due to the confusion between government directives and police authorities neither we are able to continue with our production, nor we are able to ship our orders because of lack of shipping and logistics services during the lockdown.

Please note, SanketLife ECG devices can be highly instrumental in remote and home monitoring of cardiac patients in these times of Corona scare and they do not need to travel to hospital for regular checkups and can be easily monitored from home by their doctors. Most cardiac patients are 60+ yrs of age and are highly prone to COVID-19 infection hence a greater need to monitor them at home and avoid all unnecessary visits to hospitals.
Also, SanketLife is highly useful for doctors to monitor all kinds of patients where an ECG is required as it is digital, portable and connected.

Hence, we request you to please help us in this matter and take it to authorities to enable us to produce and supply our products to the doctors and patients in need in this hour.

Thank you!

Your Sincerely,
Neha Rastogi

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