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Hello Evelyn Rodriguez, Congratulations, you're approved for PayPal Payments Pro! Now you can star..

Hello Evelyn Rodriguez,

Congratulations, you're approved for PayPal Payments Pro!

Now you can start accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and bank transfers, or use Virtual Terminal to accept payments over the phone. 

PayPal Manager Credentials:

Please save this email, as it contains your login credentials for Manager.Paypal.com which you’ll use to run your transaction activity reports and more. You’ll use this ID to access PayPal Manager and contact Customer Support.

Please note that your Manager.Paypal.com login ID is separate from your PayPal.com login ID. You’ll need both sets of login credentials to access the two separate sites.

Partner ID:PayPal

Merchant ID:

If your business changes and turns out to be significantly different from what you’ve described in your application, we may review your eligibility for PayPal Payments Pro.

Testing your Service

We offer a Testing service for new merchants to test their integration and learn how to use PayPal Payments Pro and the Payflow Gateway.

Learn how to customize PayPal for your website, use recurring billing, and see how our fraud protection services can protect your business. When you’re ready to go live, just click Activate your account on your homepage in PayPal Manager.

Follow the set-up instructions on our User’s Guide to get started today.

You can manage your communication preferences from your profile.

Have questions about your account? Contact us at 1-866-837-1851 or email vt@paypal.com. 



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