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Create: 2022-05-18
Update: 2022-05-27
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Hey there,

If you no longer need to reset your password, please disregard this email.

Thanks for reaching out. If the email address, is the same one linked to your Snapchat account, you should receive a password reset email from us soon! Please note ⚠️: Your unique password reset link will expire after 24 hours. You’ll need to request a new one if 24 hours have passed since receiving this message.

If you haven’t received the reset email but you’ve been waiting patiently:

Please make sure to check your Spam folder and also search your inbox for emails with the subject “Snapchat Password Reset.”

If you are unable to click the password reset link in the email:

Please copy and paste the link into your web browser (be sure to include the full URL).

If the password reset link has expired:

Please request a new password reset email because each link can only be used once.

Request a new password by tapping “Forgot your Password?” on the Snapchat Login screen, or request one by clicking here.

Please note for security reasons, we're unable to reset a password for an account if:

  • The email address or phone number submitted is not associated with the username.
  • The account does not have an associated email address or phone number.
  • The user does not have access to the email address or phone number linked to their Snapchat account.

Pro Tip: Select a password that is at least 8 characters in length, that does not contain your name, username, phone number, birthday, or other personal information. It is best to include a mix of numbers, symbols and/or capital and lowercase letters in your new password.

If you need something else, please reply back to this email.


Team Snapchat