This Is Better Than Fireworks

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Do You Still Think The Police Can Protect You?

This site has seen a 2364% increase in visitors this month!

Why? Well if you missed these headlines it's time to wake up... And see for yourself!

"Illinois State Police get 19,000 background checks for gun purchases in five days"

"Gun background checks double in Colorado amid coronavirus crisis, officials say"

" Ammunition Sales Soar in Response to Coronavirus Panic"

So why is everyone rushing to buy guns, ammo, and get free online concealed carry qualification?

Maybe it's because a political leader (from the Liberal Left) recently released this in an executive order...

"The Emergency Authority is hereby empowered, if necessary, to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transporting of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles."

Honestly, this is something we haven't seen before in our lifetime.

If you have a firearm or live in a state that still allows gun sales right now (many have banned gun stores from opening)... I urge you to take this free concealed carry training!

Protect your family, protect your home, protect your property, get certified to carry it's just the beginning be ready for what happens next.

Stay Armed, Stay Legal, Stay Safe...
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