How To Preach On Death-Row

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Sooner or later, every minister faces this kind of fearsome opportunity.
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How To Preach On Death-Row

How To Preach On Death-Row

Contributed by: Joe Mckeever // Joe Mckeever

A preacher friend whom I know only from Facebook sent out a panicky plea. He’s been invited to preach in a church known to be rather loose regarding some basic Christian doctrines. The friend is a Bible-preaching conservative.

Uh oh.

He is anxious and eager at the same time.

He asked a number of us: “What should I preach? What text should I use? Suggest some good ones! Some of the people in that church are probably unsaved.”

The answers piled in. One minister urged him to preach the entire story of redemption beginning with Creation and the fall and going forward.

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