Integrating Office 365 into your IT Environment

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Are you making the move to Office 365® or are you already there? With the move to the cloud, are you still running Active Directory® and other IT systems on-prem?

Learn how to fully make the move to the cloud. You can eliminate Active Directory while leveraging O365.
Eliminate AD When Moving to O365
If you are moving to the cloud, shouldn’t you be able to go all cloud and eliminate Active Directory? Having some of your infrastructure in the cloud and some on-prem is often called a hybrid cloud. While a hybrid is nice in theory, it sure is difficult to manage.

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O365 and Active Directory®
As more organizations migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, there is a growing curiosity about how that works with Active Directory. While Exchange and AD were the dynamic duo, that is not the case with O365 and AD. In fact, using both solutions forces you to have one foot in the cloud and one foot on-prem. That is not a favorable situation for most IT organizations.

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Breaking Up with AD - eBook
This light-hearted eBook tells the story of one admin’s long-awaited “breakup” with Active Directory. It’s full of quick stats and reasons why “this just isn’t working anymore.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll consider the long-term ramifications of sticking with an on-prem directory that, you know, deep down is holding you back.

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