Xn--mk1bu44c.xn-1.com.de account : igreja.xn--mk1bu44c.xn-1.com.de Notice

Create: 2020-08-01
Update: 2021-05-15
Score: 257
Safe: Yes

Hello Valued Customer, This mail is to let you know that your site has used/almost used all if its disk inodes. A disk inode is allocated for every file uploaded irregardless of the size of the file. You can see your inode usage on the left bar of your Vistapanel. We would suggest you should consider upgrading your account to a premium (paid) account where the resource limits are MASSIVLY upgraded, where your site can continue to grow. You also receive a free (.info , .com , .net , or .org) domain name with every premium account !! To upgrade now, simply goto https://ifastnet.com/portal/aff.php?aff= If you do not upgrade you may need to remove files using FTP or the file manager in your control panel in order to continue using the free account. Regards Xn--mk1bu44c.xn-1.com.de

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