[Nintendo Account] Account creation

Create: 2021-01-25
Update: 2021-01-25
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Safe: Yes

This is an automatically generated e-mail from Nintendo. ------------------------- Nickname: RDawMpUlVa The Nintendo Account has been created. Keep the following information somewhere safe. You'll need it if you sign in to your Nintendo Account using a different device or if you forget your password. ▼Nickname RDawMpUlVa ▼E-mail address shubham.bagal.5@kissicicle.club ▼Password (Password is not shown here.) ▼Date of birth 1/1/1999 If you do not know why you have received this e-mail, please delete it. ------------------------- Sincerely, Nintendo Co., Ltd. You cannot reply to this e-mail address. If you have any questions, please see the information below on how to contact us. ▽Nintendo Account | FAQ https://www.nintendo.co.uk/nintendoaccount/FAQ Inquiry code: 56GB-L83D-HG3G-8GMK

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