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I first met Magie Cook when she booked a consulting call to help crack her cold email problem.

She had a very impressive backstory (she’d sold her salsa company to Campbell’s Soup for over $100 million), and yet, like most people she had a hard time talking about herself in the right way.

We talked to her, helped come up with a position that was going to sell and crafted cold email campaigns that she could send to book paid speaking gigs.

The result? $50,000 in paid gigs.

She never had to hop on the phone, this was with email only. And the coolest thing is she can keep doing this without us… forever.

$50,000+ from just 2 coaching calls - not a bad return on investment.

This is what me and Robert Indries want for you with 220C - book one call, let’s get you a breakthrough, then stick around while you crush your revenue goals this year!


NOTE: 220C will close once we hit 200 signups (expected to be this month), so jump in and work with us to generate more revenue for your business.


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