\"Isn\'t it a bit weird how segregated rh is?\"

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r/BravoRealHousewives · Posted by u/Upstairs_Reaction_49 1h ago
Isn't it a bit weird how segregated rh is?
I mean, why are the casts either 100% white or 100% black? There are wealthy white ppl in atlanta, wealthy black people in NY etc. Anyone else find this a bit strange? Sometimes they sprinkle in an... Read More
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r/taiwan · Posted by u/amitkattal 13h ago
Cyberpunk Taipei
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r/explainlikeimfive · Posted by u/glencoconuts 6h ago
ELI5: What’s the difference between liquid hand soap and body wash (if any)?
Hands are a body part too?!?Read More
1252 Votes
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r/chonglangTV · Posted by u/KODACHI-2020 3h ago
先不說當中省略了多少美化了多少(如援朝援到朝先要鎖國) 相信大家都清楚 現代支人指的是誰😏
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r/leagueoflegends · Posted by u/Swyft135 4h ago
On PBE, Vel'Koz's AD growth has been changed from 3.14 to 3.141. However, Pi is 3.14159..., meaning that Pi rounded to the thousandth digit should be 3.142. What Riot has done is Bad, and it is Wrong.
In the live version, his AD growth is 3.141593, which is a proper rounding of Pi (3.14159265...). The PBE first changed it to 3.14, which is fine, but now it's changed once more to 3.141, which is di... Read More
5187 Votes
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